“I hope this fresh off the press, Soul Nutrient, brings you a little break from these unusual times.”

Magnolia Tree

This tall and stately gentle giant that I am speaking of, is the Magnolia Tree in my front yard. It has thick brown limbs and it is just about as perfect as you could imagine the grandest Magnolia Tree being in all its wonder. Solid, grounded, wise, and so many decades old. It’s made of the earth, and heaven, and I’m convinced in equal parts. I feel fortunate to look at it.

It’s springtime here in Michigan, and there are soft and fuzzy pink buds on the tree. Each day the buds will grow a little bit fuller with God’s suggestion. Soon, the buds will pop open, and give us quite a show. I look forward to this every year.

The Magnolia Tree will be covered with big, fluffy white and pink pom-pom blossoms that just couldn’t wait to get here. They’ll show off all their splendor and share their sweet fragrance. The best part is that the blossoms show up by the hundreds. You may hear each blossom call out your name with thrill and excitement.

It’s like nature throws its arms out and says, “ta-da, look what I can do.” The tree is like an inviting giant umbrella that you can sit under. You will feel protected by a blanket of goodness that only a warm spring can bring. If you close your eyes, you can hear the celebration of bees that are wearing pink party hats. They buzz from one full blossom to the next.

I am convinced that through this Magnolia Tree’s beauty, it can turn sour to sweet, make a dull moment unfold into a daydream, smolder embers of hate, and hug those that are hurting.

I have a secret to share. There is room under the Magnolia Tree for you, and there always will be. But for now, I invite you to breathe it all in and take it with you. Shrink it all down to fit in a thimble and put the thimble in your pocket. The bees don’t sting, they hum a song made by angels.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.

Kirsten Pagacz, Author
“Leaving the OCD Circus”