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“This amazing Angel came into our life and she is helping my husband with his OCD! He suffers from this disease and never really knew how to identify it until Kirsten sent me her book as a gift. If you or anyone is suffering with OCD , this book offers amazing tools and information to support you getting out the OCD circus. Please share if you know someone who needs help. Don’t suffer in silence.” -S.M.S.


“Ms. Pagacz, over a period of years, has poured heart, soul, and sinew, into this book, and the result is remarkable. She describes the torment of OCD from the inside. Fellow sufferers will feel understood; families and friends will gain unique insight into what their loved one is experiencing.

Her compelling narrative abounds with powerful metaphors. Employing a creative scrapbook format, and using photos, Illustrations, and original poems, Ms. Pagacz enhances the text with a power only art can convey.

Beyond the descriptive narrative, however, is a compendium of useful information about the disorder and how to best manage it. Drawing on what worked for her, and based on researching expert advice, chapters contain a summary of useful tips and key points to remember. The result is educational and inspirational.

This memoir of her recovery is a highly valuable, unique gift to the OCD community.”

Dan Kalb, PhD – Psychologist, OCD specialist


“This compelling narrative is one woman’s story of her battle with obsessive compulsive disorder.   Pagacz’s harrowing account demonstrates how OCD can scar and misshape a life and provides for readers effective tools for healing and growth.”

From the foreword by Jeff Bell, author of Rewind Replay Repeat: A Memoir of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


“If you are the Kirsten Pagacz who is the author of ‘Leaving The OCD Circus,’ then I cannot believe my luck. If this is you, I just want you to know that I am currently reading your book which is speaking volumes to me. There are so many things that I’ve highlighted in the last few nights alone because they are so relatable; I cannot believe how ‘nail on the head’ you are. Like you mentioned, not all OCDers have the same obsessions or thoughts, but the actions are the same because everyone just wants peace in the end”. -Missy


“I need to thank you again for sharing your story. Your book has been the first really relatable reference for me and my management of OCD. Like you, I have always been highly functioning and most people would never guess that I have a mental illness. In fact, I spent a good part of my life being proud of the fact that I could “appear” normal. Haha…what is normal??” Thanks again! -Patty


“Kirsten, I just listened to your book. Until recently I didn’t realize that I had OCD. Your book is maybe the first book I listened to where I can actually compare the intensity with what I go through sometimes.”-David

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