Magnolia Tree

“I hope this fresh off the press, Soul Nutrient, brings you a little break from these unusual times.” Magnolia Tree This tall and stately gentle giant that I am speaking of, is the Magnolia Tree in my front yard. It has thick brown limbs and it is just about as perfect as you could imagine […]


Be Here with Me Now

  This is a true story of a recent life experience. When I look back on it, it’s a great metaphor for living one’s life with the distraction of OCD. “Let’s begin by laying down on our mats, toes facing the ceiling and arms stretched up and over our heads. Close your eyes and pay […]


White Loaf Army

The other evening, I was at my local grocery store. Zipping in and out of isles, grabbing a couple of groceries that I needed for the next day. Once I had everything, I headed to the check-out line. I chose a line with one man in front of me. He already had all his items […]